“Tyrannical” Pesticide By-law

I am outraged at the direction the city council is taking on the pesticide bylaw. The proposed bylaw is tyrannical and capricious, and I’m sick of the approach. The process being used is far worse than the bylaw. We had a huge public debate on this last time, and this time it is just being shoved down our throats the same way as the other cockamamie ill conceived nonsense that has been the signature of our city. How is that democracy?

For example, there was an announcement that the environmental sub-committee was having a meeting regarding the implementation of the previous plan, but was really a pre-planned and conspired ambush to ramrod the concepts of the environmental extremists so dearly held by a person in power. No chance for meaningful dialogue or input, or to hear what normal, knowledgeable and contributing members of society had to say.

The basis for the ban is a fairy tale, pure and simple. Either one knows it is, or hasn’t the facts to prove otherwise since there are none. After 27 years working in research and development of pesticides, I am certain of this. I took a lot of time to prepare and distribute information last time to refute the allegations, but I see no point in it this time since it is apparent that it has been decided to take away another of our freedoms regardless of the facts.

I don’t know how many times society has to go down the road of extremism to finally understand that it is not sustainable nor beneficial. The bylaw sets the precedent that one merely has to allege harm to take away our freedoms, and this will be applied at will depending on the current fad. What will be next? Perhaps banning cosmetics and/or brightly coloured clothes. After all these are the use of chemicals for the sake of appearance only, and several societies in the past have adopted these societal limitations, so how can their use be justified? I’d like you to envisage such a society, and check your conscience as to whether that is where you want to lead us.

Sieg Heil to the new doctrine/god/ideology totalitarianism that is new age mysticism. It may be a new form of fanaticism, but it is yet another bereft of fact and reason, and the consequences will be the same as the myriad of other examples from history.

There are alternatives to a ban, and the most extreme of models is not what our community wants or needs. If you are interested in exploring and developing more moderate approaches, let me know and I will gladly assist.            JK