Wal-Mart Expansion

I am saddened to hear that the City of Guelph Council has decided to reconsider the expansion proposal for Wal-Mart. As a member of the Residents for Sustainable Development in Guelph I was opposed to the building of that store in the first place. However, having said that I fail to see, and I do live in the area, that Wal-Mart has done anything in the way of landscaping. When we have periods without rain the dust blows all over the area.

If this American company is going to continue to bully municipalities, we will not have any stores with Canadian products. Do you think they are going to sell Canadian Brand Food Commodities? I think not! I am happy to say that they have not received one cent of my hard earned Canadian currency and never will.

I only ask that you consider all aspects of the request.    BP