Wal-Mart wants more.

Less than 4 months after their grand opening, the plans for an expanded Wal-Mart are available for review.

6 & 7 Developments (developer of choice for Wal-Mart in Canada) originally submitted an application to build a regional power centre in Guelph in 1995. There was considerable public discussion on whether the corner of Woodlawn Road and Woolwich Street was the appropriate location for a big box retail mecca.

After a decision by the 2003-2006 City Council and Mayor and a protracted Ontario Municipal Board hearing, approval was given and the bulldozers moved in.

Now Wal-Mart wants to get bigger. Plans have just been released showing the application for the expansion.

What do you think? Should the Wal-Mart store grow? If so, should it be a “green building”? What should the expansion look like? Do you want the expanded Wal-Mart to sell groceries? How many more big box stores do you want in that location? How is the traffic in the area?

Wal-Mart’s Expansion Plans

We invite your comments here on what promises to be a much debated topic.