Waverley Drive traffic

I am asking  you, as one of your constituents to do anything you can to get
Traffic Services to place a STOP sign on Waverley Drive at the corner  of Waverley and Stevenson. Waverley Drive has become a speedway with  cars humping down the street at way over the posted speed limit. As I mentioned in our conversation I have contacted Traffic Services and they have directed me to get the signatures on a petition of all those living on Waverley Drive and other affected households.
I believe most of the traffic is coming down Victoria Rd. past the Upper Grand District School Board offices turning right on Woodlawn Rd. then left on Inverness snaking its way down to Waverley Drive School, turning right onto the lower portion of Waverley and speeding its way down to Riverview and the corner of Speedvale. From there traffic makes its way to work in the west and south end of Guelph.
The process of me getting signatures on a petition of all those households affected is beyond my capabilities as a 70+ year old senior.
Thus I am seeking your help in getting Traffic Services to do a thorough investigation of my concern after which I hope it will agree with me and place the requested STOP sign at Waverley and Stevenson.~~~~~~~~~~~

By way of this email I will ask the Supervisor of Traffic Investigations, to add this request for a stop sign review to her outstanding investigation requests. Given her and her staffs’ current workload I would anticipate that we should be able to respond to you in mid-November on the results of our review.  Staff