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TiBG funds tonights CAFE 2014-12

A resident’s perspective. In many of our opinions, it is inappropriate to move any funds from the Brownfield Allocation Fund as an incentive for the building of a parking garage for the 2nd Tricar condo building on the old Marsh Tire site (150-152 Wellington St.) This is inappropriate for many reasons such as and not […]

Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments 60 Woodlawn Road East ( file OP1303ZC1310)

A resident’s perspective. I am writing to you reconfirmiing my complete objections to the illegal building and operations of these two private industries embedded in the midst of 192 Long-Term-Care (LTC) patients sponsored and financially supported by the Ministy of Health—-(my last e-mail to you dated prior to the City Council Public meeting dated October […]

City releases draft public space manual, standards for downtown

City Hall press release. Today, the City released drafts of the Downtown Streetscape Manual and Built Form Standards, including a proposed plan for St. George’s Square. “This placemaking project defines how streets and buildings can better support the growth and intensification of the downtown core and will guide future investment in downtown Guelph. Upcoming capital […]

2014 Development Charges (DC) By Law

Staff memo. At its meeting of February 10, 2014 City of Guelph Council approved adoption of the 2014 DC By-Law as based on the 2013 Background Study approved at Council’s meeting of January 27, 2014. Per legislative requirements opportunity existed post February 10, 2014 for any member of the public including the development community to […]

South End Recenter

A resident’s suggestion: I recently read that you guys are looking to build a recentre in the south end. I have some suggestions. 1. Let’s build an outdoor skating trial. I know there is a little outdoor skating rink in front of city hall, and it is amazing. Build let’s continue to grow healthy outdoor […]

44-56-76 Arkell Road Development Plans

A resident’s concerns. I am writing to you regarding the new proposed development at 44-56-76 Arkell Road. Residing on Malvern Crescent I am concerned with the following issues related to this new development: 1) Accessibility to the road given the proposed entry/exit directly across from our road as well as another entry/exit to the west […]