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Guelph's winning the battle against termites

Dr. Tim Myles was hired in 2007 to help deal with Guelph’s growing termite problem. Each year Myles presents a report to Council detailing his ongoing work and termite activity. In his most recent report, which goes to the Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment Committee on April 22, termite activity is down. This is great news for property owners as […]

Living in the termite zone

The following article appeared in the May 7 edition of the Guelph Mercury: It’s easy to enter the termite zone and not realize that’s where you are. Homes are not falling down, trees are not disease-ridden, there’s no caution tape or painted lines to cross and no signs indicating Termite Zone Ahead. It might sound […]

concern over soil movement in termite zone of TransCanada trail

A vigilant resident has raised important concerns about the potential movement of termite infested soil from a red zone block to a white zone block. This concern has been paramount in all of our minds for a long time, and I have therefore been involved from the early planning stages for the TransCanada Trail, and have been in […]

Special chemical approved for termite control

The following article appeared in the April 19 edition of the Guelph Mercury. Ward 2 has three termites zones of activity. Guelph’s termite control officer has received approval to use zinc borate to kill termites. Tim Myles said Friday that a federal experimental permit application for the chemical, submitted to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency […]

Slow progress beating termites

The following article appeared in the May 19 edition of the Guelph Mercury: Tim Myles is satisfied that he and his team are on the right track as they attempt to get Guelph’s termite problems under control — even though it’s taking longer than he’d like, and those pesky termites seem to know how to […]