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Wal-Mart (6&7) Zone Change

Council to consider deferral of zone change application GUELPH, ON, Friday, July 11, 2008 – On July 21, 2008, Guelph City Council will consider a report with a recommendation from the Chief Administrative Officer to defer the application by 6 & 7 Developments Limited until September 15 in order to allow time for staff to […]

Wal-Mart: In praise of Council and Staff

Council and staff deserve unqualified praise for the way you handled this contentious application. Sometimes, and this is one of those times, the process is more important than the result. And the process here was admirable. Given OPA#29, for the reasons succinctly delineated by the mayor, staff really had no choice but to approve this […]

Walmart rejection

Well, well! It’s no surprise the majority of you voted last night to reject Walmart’s application to expand with a much-needed grocery store – and other amenities – in the north end of the city! This council is very much a “lobby-oriented” group, listening, not to the “silent majority” of us, but to the vocal […]

Wal-Mart: An unpopular decision

I am disappointed to hear that the Wal-Mart expansion application was rejected. I am even more disappointed that both of you voted against the application. Living in the north end of town, we are underserviced and a grocery store at that location would be welcomed by many. I think alot of us in Ward 2 […]

Proposed 6&7 (Wal-Mart) expansion

Tonight you have a very hard decision to make with regards to 6 and 7’s application of expansion which includes Wal-Mart’s request for another 65,000 feet to become a regional superstore. We are asking council to refuse this applicant’s request, for the following reasons. When you start with a flawed premise, such as the ill […]

Wal-mart’s expansion proposal

I am writing to express my disagreement with the new proposed Wal-mart expansion. I am particularly concerned about the impact on the downtown if the expansion is given priority over commercial intensification in the downtown. We are currently investing millions of dollars in our downtown core, a sound investment that I believe supports local businesses […]

Wal-Mart’s impact on the cemetery

In response to concerns about impacts of the Wal-Mart development on the cemetery, Mr. Prakash David, director of development for 6 & 7 Developments, is quoted in Friday’s Tribune as saying “the cemetery had opportunities in the past to voice concerns about the effects of the development of the node. They knew the development was […]

Walmart Expansion Proposal

We would like to go on record as residents of your area of responsibility, Ward 2, as supporting wholeheartedly the proposed expansion of Walmart. Councillors and residents from wards south of downtown Guelph have long been inclined to selfishly deny the same commercial opportunities to those of us in the north part of the city […]

Wal-Mart expansion

I am writing to ask you to oppose the expansion of the Wal-Mart. There is no need for a mega grocery store in the north end of town. First, Wal-Mart already carries a full selection of foodstuffs. All they are really missing is fresh vegetables, and they could probably fit that into their current store […]