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Walmart expansion & grocery stores

I’ve been reading about the Walmart expansion proposal in the papers and that the issue will come before City Council this Monday. For the record, I would like you to know that I oppose the proposed Walmart expansion, especially at this time. I consider myself a “north end resident”, as I live on Windsor Street […]

Grocery store needed

We had a grocery store in the Canadian Tire plaza, we have none now. City Council will decide at their first July meeting on the application of Wal-Mart who want to open a grocery store. If you want a grocery store in this area ask your Ward 2 Councillors to support the application for the […]

Wal-Mart – Grocery availability

One of the arguments put forward by 6 & 7 developments for expansion at the Woodline site is a supposed “need” for a grocery store in the north end. You may be interested in the following list, copied from signage in their existing store. There are 10 aisles dedicated specifically to food in the “My […]

Ward 2 Town Hall Meeting Update

Councillor Beard and myself would like to thank all of those who attended our first Ward 2 Town Hall meeting. It was a great success with approximately 80 people in attendance. We would also like to thank our valued staff for their participation. Martin Lavictoire and Wayne Galliher presented an overview on Guelph’s water conservation […]

SmartCentres Inc. and residential units

At a recent meeting between Council and SmartCentres Inc., regarding the proposed retail expansion of the Wal-Mart at 0 Woodlawn Rd., when the representative of the above corporation was asked by a councillor whether or not multu-level office and residential space had been considered as part of the expansion, he stated that “We do not […]

Will Guelph’s Wal-Mart be green?

As Wal-Mart plans it’s big expansion in Guelph, one of the many issues being considered is how will this development dovetail with the recently approved Community Energy Plan (CEP). The CEP is Guelph’s response to climate change and to¬†future energy uncertainities. The CEP’s goal is that with all the new projected¬†growth in Guelph over the […]

Wal-Mart needs to wait its turn

Just when many may have thought that Wal-Mart was old news, another public meeting has been held and once again it was standing room only. This time, not content with a shopping palace one and a half times the size of anything else in this city, the company wants to expand its existing megastore and […]