Ward 2 Town Hall Meeting Update

Councillor Beard and myself would like to thank all of those who attended our first Ward 2 Town Hall meeting. It was a great success with approximately 80 people in attendance. We would also like to thank our valued staff for their participation.
Martin Lavictoire and Wayne Galliher presented an overview on Guelph’s water conservation programs, successes and plans for the future.
Dr. Tim Myles, with assistance from Bruce Poole, gave an update on the termite management program that he is undertaking with all of it’s challenges.
Janette Loveys Smith talked about community groups and specifically the Ingram Farmhouse and Waverly Park developments.
The University of Guelph’s Dr. Vernon Thomas gave an rousing impromptu update on the proposed plan for a pollinator park at Eastview, that created a tremendous amount of enthusiasm from the audience. His work with Councillor Beard has drawn local and international attention. A workshop is being scheduled for early March. Further details to follow.
Opportunities for questions were made following each presentation.
Lots of time was alloted after the presentations to allow for questions on a variety of topics.
These included:
Washroom availability for Riverside Park ice rink users.
Updates on the walking trail system between Eramosa Road and Speedvale Avenue.
Development of an Elder’s Council supported by Councillor Beard.
Water well testing regularity and locations of wells.
50 year water master plan and potential future water sources.
Tree trimming at Riverside Park.
New neighbourhood groups for the Wolfond Park and Riverside Park area residents.
Timing of the expansion to the Wal-Mart Smart Centre.
Safe pedestrian access to the Waldorf School on Victoria Rd. N.
New garbage cans located on Woodlawn Rd. at the Speed River.
Expand the pollinator project to other areas of the city.

Water conservation kit door prizes were provided by Martin and Wayne.
Thanks to the staff at the Evergreen Centre for their assistance.              ian