Category: Public Input

2006 Mayoral Inaugural Address & update

The priorities identified in the Mayoral Inaugural Address were well-debated before and during the election and represent the interests and concerns of Guelph residents. We have built on the priorities captured in the Inaugural Address through a collaborative strategic planning process that engaged members of Council, City staff and residents. To view address and update […]

Body Rub By-law

I am deeply concerned that the city has decided to create a bylaw to discourage body rub parlours which is to include legitimate alternative healthcare practitioners in its regulations. I understand that there is difficulty dealing with bawdy houses masquerading as alternative health clinics, but to pass this problem onto alternative healthcare practitioners is unfair […]

Redevelopment Master Plan for Waverley Park

Dear Ward 2 Resident, Thank you for the comments on Waverley Park Redevelopment Plan Concepts, presented during the public meeting held at Waverley Drive Public School on September 20, 2005. Development and Parks planning staff has prepared a master plan proposal to redevelop the park based on the preferred concept and it includes the following […]

Tony Leighton writes on the first 6 months of this Council

The following editorial appeared in the May 12th edition of the Guelph Mercury.  We appear to have voted in real leaders this time It’s time for some shameless cheerleading. Lots of people think one government is pretty much like any other, and voting doesn’t matter much. Guelph’s new city council has already proven them wrong. […]