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Memo regarding tree trimming in parks

In response to the concerns about tree trimming in Riverside Park,  staff met with Councillor Beard and myself and with two area residents to resolve the issue. Below, please find a memo update from staff:  Further to our meeting yesterday, this will confirm that staff will suspend all further ‘limbing-up’ of coniferous trees within our park system pending […]

Priority Setting Process Questions and Answers

Q. How did you arrive at this list of priorities? A. The list of priorities was derived from an open review of over 200 existing, pending and new project priorities which account for approximately 10-20% of the city’s resources and capacity. The two review meetings took place in the fall. Meeting 1: October 19, 2007 […]

Ward 2 Town Hall Meeting Update

Councillor Beard and myself would like to thank all of those who attended our first Ward 2 Town Hall meeting. It was a great success with approximately 80 people in attendance. We would also like to thank our valued staff for their participation. Martin Lavictoire and Wayne Galliher presented an overview on Guelph’s water conservation […]

You take a library from the bottom

The following article appeared in the January 5 edition of the Guelph Mercury: It’s like an elaborate game, perhaps of dominoes, or maybe Jenga — how do you take a block from the bottom and put it on top without the entire structure collapsing? A couple of rounds of meetings have already happened, and there’s […]

Mistletoe for Councillors

The following LTE appeared in the December 25 edition of the Guelph Tribune: Thanks to Alan Pickersgill for compiling his list of the year’s mistletoe and coal recipients (Tribune, Dec. 17).While I completely agree with the list of those receiving mistletoe, I would like to add (since as Pickersgill points out mistletoe is a renewable […]

How to be a delegate to Council: 101

So you want to speak to Guelph City Council about an issue that’s important to you. Relax, take a deep breath and have fun. It’s not that scary. We’re actually quite nice. We may ask you a few questions, so be prepared. Whether it be a planning issue, economic issue or policy, City Council hears delegations on […]

Nimby, Pimby and Sigs

Not in my back yard. Put in my backyard. Special interest groups. Accurate, derogatory or misleading? These are terms that are commonly associated with grassroots organizations that lobby politicians to advance their particular agendas. Recently, Ward 2 City Councillors have received correspondence from: -A neighbourhood group opposed to the building of an medical/residential complex located […]