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Wal-Mart wants more.

Less than 4 months after their grand opening, the plans for an expanded Wal-Mart are available for review.

6 & 7 Developments (developer of choice for Wal-Mart in Canada) originally submitted an application to build a regional power centre in Guelph in 1995. There was considerable public discussion on whether the corner of Woodlawn Road and Woolwich Street was the appropriate location for a big box retail mecca.

After a decision by the 2003-2006 City Council and Mayor and a protracted Ontario Municipal Board hearing, approval was given and the bulldozers moved in.

Termites. Those little buggers can cost us all!

Ward 2 is ground zero for termite infestation in Guelph.

An infestation of termites commenced near Goldie Mill park in the 1960’s. The City enacted a Termite Control By-law and was an active participant in the provincial control program with most of the houses and other structures in the infested area chemically treated. In the 1970’s the Ontario Ministry of Environment joined the fight against termites and dispersed grants to assist Ontario municipalities.

The parking nightmare on Carden Street.

With construction underway on the new City Hall in Downtown Guelph, many short term parking spaces were eliminated to create a staging area for construction materials. This may not seem significant unless you are a merchant on Carden street.

The city is also proposing to relocate the bus transfer hub to Carden Street from the current St. George’s square location. This too will eliminate a number of parking spaces on Carden Street.

City Hall – One Stop Shopping

For many years, it has been difficult to navigate’s one way through the corridors of Guelph’s City Hall. If you wanted to open a new business, you’d have to figure out who you needed to talk to, then try and find them. Then try and find the next person. Then the next.

Many attempts to make Guelph “Open for Business” were tried. Most were less than successful.

Now the Community Design and Development Services (Planning Department) have announced that they have created a “one – stop shopping approach to processing development applications.

Making Guelph Transit work for you

What would it take to encourage you to take the bus instead of driving your car?

There is has been considerable focus on climate change since Al Gore’s movie Inconvenient Truth was released last year. Clearly, we as a society will have to make major changes to our lifestyle to reduce our carbon footprint.

Parking Changes – Cardigan Street Part III

The following letter was recently circulated to residents on Cardigan St. by city staff.

“With the recent reconstruction of Cardigan St. city staff have reviewed the existing parking restrictions on Cardigan St. between Norwich St. E. and London Rd. E.

To maintain traffic flow, assist with vehicles entering and exiting from private parking areas and maximum parking opportunities, a No Parking restriction will be implemented on the west side of Cardigan St. between Norwich St. E. and London Rd. E.