Category: Transparency

Ian Findlay Campaign 2006 Expense Report

Name of office for which candidate sought election: Councillor Ward name or number: 2 My spending limit: $14,104.90 Surplus or deficit from previous election: 0 Total contributions received: $6,269.00 My total campaign expenses that were subject to the spending limit: $6,174.55 My total campaign expenses that were not subject to the spending limit: $408.92 Total […]

For Whose Eyes Only? We say yours.

The City of Guelph Incentives Study was the final report by urbanMetrics, a Toronto based market, economic and strategic planning consulting firm. It was prepared for the Guelph Economic Development Department in December 2005 and has not been released to the public. Executive Summary highlights include a blueprint for the City to increase tax revenue […]

Team Council on tour

The Mayor, City Council and City Staff have been very busy preparing the Strategic Plan for Guelph. This will be the blueprint for how Guelph grows for the next 20 years. Council and staff have been holding workshops, hosting public symposiums, facilitating online surveys and conducting random phone questionnaires.

The Full Monty on the New City Hall

The current Mayor and City Council are preparing to consult the public on what should be done with the court yard in front of the New City Hall. Could the space be a public art gallery, naturalized gardens, buskers venue or a public skating rink? You will have an opportunity to provide input. There is considerable interest […]